Whether you work for yourself or have employees, do you realise that you could be loosing at least £450 per year purely form sitting in the wrong work environment!

That’s right, your chair, your desk, even the way your laptop is set up could all be the cause of back pain.

The Office of National Statistics states is that Musculoskeletal problems account for more workdays lost than the common cold causes! Sounds odd eh! The average time off is 4.5days per employee, with an average salary being £26,000 (Office of National Statitics 2012) that equates to £100 per day off or £450 per year!! 

Many businesses have all the best equipment to do the work they need to, whether that be PC’s, I-Pads, smart phones, the best technology and equipment etc. equating to £1000’s, but what use is it if you or your employees are not there to use them because they are off work with Back Pain?

Therein lies the problem. Prevention may sound boring but it is an essential smart step for any business owner regardless of whether you are a Sole Trader or Global Corporate. If you are happy and comfortable you work better.

Let us help you stay in your flow, work smart and without any barriers due to Back Pain.

For as little as £34.90 (incl VAT and P&P) you can get our best selling product – the Sit-Fit Plus, which goes on your current chair, keeps you mobile and improves sitting posture easily whilst strengthening your back and core!

Don’t regret not taking action and incur £450 for time off work, put a small investment into you and your staff and use the £416.10 you save to help your business grow!

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We look forward to helping you save money and keep your turnover soaring uninterrupted in your business!

To your health

Lorna & Rachael